I was given a Dr. Alberto Villoldo exercise to write a story with the instructions that it must include a dragon, a warrior, a prince and a princess. I wrote it in about 10 minutes on the airplane on my way to a Dr. Joe Dispenza event called Dreamtime on August 16, 2018.

Faerie Tale

Once upon a time, beyond time and space, a molecule of pure potential was formed by the mystical longing of the universe. The All Knowing had become a tad bored with knowing it all and decided to experience itself in more fascinating ways.
To do this, the All Knowing needed a way to not know, just long enough for creation of new from nothing.
Excited at the endless possibilities for expansion, light was created from the dark depth of blackness, emerging as endlessly beautiful colours of contrast.
Light turned out to hold potential for all matter of matter to be created.
And the Universe did a happy dance!
One of those first brightly coloured sparks was me. As my flame grew, the first thing I asked for was other light beams to play with. For surely it would be more fun to share in all creation.
Beams evolved into Beings, as we assimilated into more distinctive aspects of the All Knowing.
Our original Council of eight Light Beings decided to go forth and multiply, limited only by our ability to cut off the endless supply of light, just long enough to choose from all the possibilities and place our focus there.
We set out into the darkness, sprinkling faerie dust wherever we travelled. From the dust, physical things and physical beings were formed, each taking shape in balance and harmony with their creators.
All Beings can be anything they so choose. I particularly loved creating in, and with, the mystical realm of faeries and dragons and these along with many others, became our Tribe.
Our mission is to evolve truth. For those who seek truth come to understand it’s ever changing nature.
I am Adwynna, Drosari, she/he who shapeshifts as I travel to all dimensions.
The universe is my playground and I am known as one of the originals – one who has been here since it all began.
I am the Queen of the Faeries, the Guide of the Dragons and yet I hold no power over any other.
There have been times when I’ve needed to be a warrior, to hold strong as others discover the true nature of power.
There have been times when I’ve chosen to incarnate as a physical being. I have been a Princess in Atlantis and a Prince in Afrika. I have been a native american warrior, a high Shamanic priest and a gorgeous Egyptian concubine. I have been a girl whose purpose was to share love with a broken hearted Private in the German army before dying at the hands of another German Private.
I have experienced it all, as has the reader of this story.
For we are never singular. All I experience you experience. All I create is created with you. When I heal, all in the universe heals.
I am the butterfly, the hummingbird, the phoenix, the guide, the goddess, the god, the light, the dark.
The soul of me is the soul of all.
I am AddWinAll.
I bring peace, joy, love, light, prosperity and compassion to this and all dimensions so we may ALL Know that we are ALL living happily ever after.