Carefree It starts with Open …and WiLLiNG! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I read Adwynna MacKenzie’s brand new book “Carefree, It Starts With Open” the day after it launched, and I love it!

I waited for it for over a month, since I first saw her on a short YouTube testimonial after she attended a week-long event of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s in Niagara Falls in September 2019, where she broke through her own resistance and fear of going “public” with her work. She was radiant! She completely captured my heart. She decided to write this book. I’m glad she did!

Dr. Joe says we live in a time where it’s not enough to Know… We need to Know How.

Adwynna MacKenzie’s book helps me understand more clearly what I need to know as I begin my own healing journey. In truth, a journey I’ve been on for a long time. It’s time now to shift into a higher gear. This book gives much more definition to the process of how that actually happens, which is really instructive and helpful to me personally.

Many things she has experienced, we will have experienced, too. Betrayal. Grief. Sadness. Fear. Doubt. Many of the ways she has overcome those life challenges will be familiar to us, as well. The difference is she pays close attention to what has emerged over time, even years, noticing the exquisite, subtle ways, over and over again (if we but notice, once our own clear intentions are set, either wittingly or unwittingly), that the Mundane gives rise to the breathtakingly Miraculous!

I love her little insights along the way. The subtle shifts she made somewhere along the line.

How she stopped “seeing” her future self and started “being” her future self. In reality, her future Selves!!! Yes!

And I love her full descriptions of her many and varied forms of meditation as I embark on my own greater commitment to a meditation practice.

The practice and the pay-offs. Because, Why else would we be doing this?!!!

Adwynna has clearly detailed her astonishing process, which is eye-opening, and the equally astonishing pay-offs, and I’m so grateful.

Thanks for pointing the way with your own life, Dwyn! Playful is important. Life is magical.

Mary Newswanger Costa Rica

P.S. After reading her book, I was inspired to do a healing session with her and she is truly gifted. It was an amazing, astonishing experience I’d highly recommend. Adwynna MacKenzie! YOU KNOW!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️