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I never end up writing what I think I’m going to write about. Which means I end up writing what needs to be written. Journal Entry May 13, 2015

What do you think of when you read the word Carefree? Skipping lightly over the earth, picking a fluffy dandelion and blowing the seeds into the wind? Maybe it’s a state of mind you’ve never really had, or last recall having as a child. Open to exploring, just for the fun of it.

For many people in the Dr. Joe Dispenza (Dr. Joe) community, Carefree refers to his advanced workshops that took place in Carefree, Arizona just north of Phoenix. For me, Carefree is a place, a workshop and the state of being I experienced as a result of attending said workshop in said place! It is also a series of books entitled Carefree, How I Became SuperNatural.

Every Dr. Joe workshop has a theme and the one I went to in Carefree 2015 was Becoming Supernatural. That is also the title of Dr. Joe’s 2017 book, although I didn’t know that when I first named this book series.

Writing this now, almost three years later, I have a deeper understanding of what happened to me that magical week in the spring of 2015. I literally walked in as one person and walked out as another. And it kept going as I kept growing! For the longest time after I’d left the desert I didn’t know about spiritual awakenings or all the names people have for what I’d experienced. In the beginning, I didn’t really give too much thought to explanations, nor did I believe I was unique in any way. I had done what Dr Joe said to do and I’d had experiences Dr Joe said might happen if I did it. I wasn’t analyzing it; I was too busy living it!

In the midst of living it, I started to share my stories with people, which encouraged them to tell me theirs. I started gathering incredible tales of everyday courage and transformation, commingled with unrealized dreams, poor health and a ton of pent up desire to be more and do more. People also loved hearing about my mystical experiences because they’d had them too and didn’t know how to put them into words. They were relieved to discover they weren’t crazy, and excited to connect with their intuition so they could start really trusting their guidance.

I’m writing this now because so many of us are stuck and hurting and wondering if our mundane life is all there is. We are conditioned to believe in the fantasy we see all around us in commercials, social media, news and movies. These tales are told to us from birth and are presented as reality. We’re told to compete, because there aren’t enough resources. That we have to work hard and life is a struggle. That it’s natural to decline as we age. That achy joints and mysterious pains are normal. That it’s our genes, or our hormones, that have caused our poor health and bad sleep. That life is a karmic lottery where some people get good stuff and others don’t.

Even when I’ve been deeply mired in in that fantasy I was still rebelling against it. Yet, I never quite knew why. What made me question everything? What made me refuse to buy into the status quo? When it felt like life punched me in the gut and then kicked me when I was down, why was I open to seeing things differently? I assure you, I don’t look at all like a rebel, yet my mother certainly called me one. I am the very picture of the status quo! I’m a slim, white, blonde, married, mother of a boy and a girl. I walk my dog, play tennis and live in a house in suburbia.

I have also questioned everything since I was little and been very open to any, and all, answers.

If you have found your way to this book I’m guessing there is a part of you that’s a bit of a rebel too! If you secretly wonder if we’ve all been misled about our personal ability to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling, fun, life of impact… you’re in the right place.

Just as the testimonials from the Dr. Joe community have helped me, the stories I collect and share help people open up to new possibilities. Some of the things I’ve experienced will stretch your beliefs. They certainly stretched mine! There was a time when I would not have been this open publically, fearing judgement and ridicule. Along the way I considered writing more generically for public consumption and having a secret password to my website where people could read about all the mystical stuff!

Yet it was the mystical stuff people wanted to know the most about. And not because they were looking for entertainment! It turns out many people are longing to find other people to talk to about the mystical things that have happened to them. They want to understand things like manifesting, healing ourselves, and what is bigger than they believe they are. They want me to share because it gives them permission to share. There truly is safety in numbers and it’s my belief there are WAY more of us…open minded, longing for deeper connection, ready to create fuller lives…than we are led to believe!

The truth is I’ve been hiding who I really am for a long, long time. Certainly, from the outside my life looks pretty normal and I’d worked really hard to make it appear that way. Although I’d left corporate life when my kids were little to become a holistic practitioner and had experienced some large breakthroughs and mystical experiences, I’d never been fully comfortable openly embracing that life. Thus, by 2014, very few people even knew what I did.

By the time I got to Carefree I was ready for change. I was done with the whole normal charade. Can’t say I knew who the new me was going to be, but I certainly didn’t like the me who landed in Arizona on April 28, 2015.

I was ready for the unknown. I had no idea just how ready the unknown was for me.

These books are possible because I wrote prolifically in the months after Carefree. I had tons of energy and journals were always within reach. Many nights I would wake refreshed after a short time in deep slumber, climb out of bed to meditate, write or walk outside in nature. My two children were working at a golf course that summer and they got used to finding me on the couch deep in meditation, or at the dining room table writing when they got up around 4:30 a.m.

Home again after Carefree I quickly learned not everyone wants to jump up and down with joy simply because I was suddenly in a perpetual state of awe and bliss. I truly, and somewhat naively, believed everyone would want what I had. I wanted to share with everyone how they could change their life, be healthy, free themselves and feel really, really good. Many references were made about the possibility I had indulged in too much Cactus Kool-Aid!

Eventually though, those around me, (and that included me) began to trust the consistency of my results, my happiness levels and the changes as they integrated. Once my friends and family saw I’d come down from the mountain and I was still happy, still meditating and having many, many cool things happen in my life, they relaxed more and became more curious about how I’d done it.

Like many authors, this book took longer to complete than I originally intended. Part of it was the material and most of it was my own fears around rejection. People often describe me as the most normal woo woo person they know!  That said though, I’d spent a large part of the prior decade attempting to be more normal than woo woo, so I feared my “coming out” might be met with judgement and disbelief. I also had to overcome a belief that I needed to provide external validation of my experiences. The day my fear of needing proof vanished, I realized I’d had it all along! I have two brain scans done during meditations at separate workshops, a video testimonial from the day of my initial breakthrough, a ton of emails to the Dr. Joe organization and of course, my own journals and communications.

I am truly blessed my procrastination meant Dr Joe released Becoming Supernatural, because I can now point to his book and say “read this chapter to find out how this happened to me or what it means!” Plus, if this highly accomplished scientist can toss out his need to be accepted by the scientific community so he can have greater impact in the world, surely I could toss my own need to be accepted and openly share how much his work has changed my life and the lives of people around me.

There are many, many things I had completely forgotten about until I started going through my journals and not all of it could ever be included here. There were magical journeys to other dimensions and places on earth I’d never heard of. I ask a lot of questions and when I meditate or write I receive answers. I delve into my struggles to live as a human being with all I am now seeing, experiencing and knowing. I knew I was permanently altered and gaining access to a whole new way of living and being, yet I often felt alone on the planet.

For some reason I couldn’t gain access to the Dr Joe Advanced Group on Facebook and gave up trying until late 2015. I now know this is where people can share experiences and have an outlet for questions and we all get, and give, a ton of love and support! I’ve attended a number of workshops since Carefree and now have fantastic, fun, like minded friends from all over the world. I can tell you that friendships and community makes a massive difference when we are stepping into the unknown! As I have opened up, many have opened to me. The result is a variety of deep, connected relationships…something I’ve craved my whole life.

One of these relationships began in Carefree when a forum post for roommates landed a man in a condo with four women he’d never met. This man is one of the main reasons these books finally got out of my journals and into publication, and you will get to know him quite well along the way. He is a central character in the week that transformed my life, one of my deepest and most fun friends, the best-selling author of fiction and non-fiction books and the only person I wanted to write the Foreword to Carefree, Book 1, It Starts With Open.

And so it begins…

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