Gracious Guidance

The quest for truth has many layers.

Photo by Tyler van der Hoeven on Unsplash

There is a place. I will call it a place, although some might describe it as a state of being. This is a place where all we know and all we are as a human being ceases to exist. It is still, serene and calm. It feels like nothing, if nothing were a feeling one could adequately describe. It also feels like everything, if everything were a feeling one could adequately describe. In fact, you cannot describe it until it is over and you have returned to the world of noise, sight, smell and emotion. 

For when you are in it, you do not know you are there because your world and everything associated with it has simply stopped.  You have no knowing of yourself, nor do you have any knowledge that mere seconds before you were …well …a different version of you.

And when you return from this place you are forever altered.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I call this StillSpace*.

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*There is a therapeutic state known as the stillpoint which can occur spontaneously or be induced. When a stillpoint is achieved, a person’s craniosacral rhythm comes to a pause, inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows the fight-or-flight responses of the sympathetic nervous system to step down. This brings the healing and restorative powers of the parasympathetic system to the fore, liberating a wide range of self-correcting activity.