On May 1, 2015, while being brain mapped during a meditation workshop, the author had a mystical experience that freed her from a life of anxiety and hyper-vigilance. Results of the EEG (brain map), and her video testimonial the same day, capture how she was released into a whole new way of being, and a very different life.

Excerpt from It Starts With Open

Friday May 1, 2015 – Grace

As the early morning meditation was winding down soft music was playing. The rest of the group was lying on the floor and I was still sitting in the chair, attached to the EEG and had my head on a table, arms bent with palms down. 

Not content to simply do nothing, I decided to energetically check in on my daughter, my son and the friend I’d brought with me in spirit. 

Suddenly I heard a clear female voice speaking to me. The voice sounded very familiar.

These were not thoughts I was having, this was a voice I was hearing. 

The words she spoke are as clear to me today as the moment I heard them for the first time. 

The voice was very direct, kind and filled with gentle love. I was being bathed in grace.

Dwyn, everyone is safe. You are safe, everyone in your world is safe.” 

She went on to tell me, “You don’t have to take care of anyone. They are all where they are supposed to be.” 

To my utter surprise she then said, “Dwyn you are officially off duty. You can go play now. Go play!

Once the voice told me to go play, I left my body in an instant and started flying around the ballroom!

The brainmap report later confirmed that I was having a mystical experience in GAMMA frequency. Strong emotions overtook my body. I was crying with astonishment and joy. My body started shaking uncontrollably and my right hand started lifting off the table on its own volition, vibrating with an immense amount of light and energy.

I was free. 

I was so light and joyous and happy. I was this little kid who’d been dismissed from of a lifetime of timeouts in a corner, flying around for the thrill of it.

After the meditation I was giddy with glee. The world looked all new and bright and shiny. 

All of my senses were heightened. The sun shining felt like warm embrace, I could see details of the cactus and the birds. The shower I took felt like my first ever encounter of water pouring over my skin. It was sensual and I remember touching it and tasting it. 

The sheer joy of being physical was glorious! 

And that was just the beginning…