What do we do when the juices of creativity have slowed to a trickle? Sure, we can stare at a blank screen or go for yet another socially distanced walk.

Or, you can help a friend with his latest writing program and get a whole heap of side-effects!

In February, I said yes to Bradley Charbonneau’s program called Write Your Worst Book Ever. Jumped on a few calls, started laughing, did my cover and then missed the deadline.

Then I read everyone else’s posts and books and went…I want one too! Whipped it up in an afternoon, enjoying that feeling of creativity flowing. Because it just didn’t matter! The purpose of Worst Book Ever is for it to be your worst book ever.

Then the magic started.

I finished the book. I shared it with the WBE tribe. I got messages that people were laughing…in a good way! Hearts were lighter, AHA moments were had and best of all…

I was writing again!

I’ll be sharing Chapters from Great Books I Will Never Write over the next few weeks. Plus, how one chapter turned into a healing journey for many, many people.

Who Knows What Will Happen Next?

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